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Spacious and open in a green oasis, the 22 Beauvallon apartments offer you a unique living environment. Duplex, triplex, with a vast garden or a panoramic terrace, discover the one perfect for you.

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A01 Duplex 5.5p

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  • Terrace
  • Garden
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Unit Building Typology Rooms Floor PPE surface Lower level Terrace * Garden PPE weighted surface Price Status
A01 Charme Duplex 4.5p Rez-de-jardin 160m² 135m² 36m² 95m² 251m²Sold
A02 Charme Triplex 6p Rez-de-jardin 272m² 132m² 79m² 117m² 382.2m²Sold
A03 Charme Duplex 4.5p Rez-de-jardin 159m² 103m² 35m² 215m² 246.5m²Sold
A05 Charme Simplex 5.5p 1er étage 193m² 35m² 210.5m²Sold
A06 Charme Simplex 4.5p 1er étage 172m² 35m² 189.5m²Sold
A07 Charme Simplex 6p Attique 217m² 124m² 254.2m²Sold
A08 Charme Simplex 4.5p Attique 131m² 60m² 149m²Sold
B01 Cèdre Triplex 6p Rez-de-jardin 272m² 91m² 80m² 212m² 375.7m²Sold
B02 Cèdre Duplex 5.5p Rez-de-jardin 193m² 101m² 35m² 203m² 278.3m²Sold
B04 Cèdre Duplex 9p Rez-de-jardin 316m² 191m² 55m² 438m² 496.8m²Sold
B05 Cèdre Simplex 5.5p 1er étage 193m² 35m² 210.5m²Sold
B06 Cèdre Simplex 3.5p 1er étage 112m² 26m² 125m²Sold
B07 Cèdre Simplex 5.5p 1er étage 219m² 20m² 229m²Sold
B08 Cèdre Simplex 6.5p Attique 233m² 114m² 267.2m²Sold
B09 Cèdre Simplex 6.5p Attique 239m² 109m² 271.7m²Sold
C01 Chêne Triplex 6p Rez-de-jardin 332m² 145m² 43m² 220m² 448m²Sold
C02 Chêne Triplex 6p Rez-de-jardin 272m² 133m² 79m² 317m² 402.2m²-Reserved
C03 Chêne Duplex 5.5p Rez-de-jardin 193m² 98m² 35m² 138m² 270.3m²Sold
C05 Chêne Simplex 6p Attique 218m² 122m² 254.6m²Sold
C06 Chêne Simplex 4.5p Attique 131m² 60m² 149m²Sold

* Terrace surfaces include lower floor patios.
All information is presented for illustrative purposes and is not legally binding.

  • Status Sold
  • Unit A-101
  • Typology Duplex
  • Rooms 5.5
  • PPE surface 120 m²

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    An ideal location

    Located between the city and the countryside, you enjoy the best of both worlds. A few minutes from the city centre, Beauvallon is a haven of peace and tranquillity, perfectly situated near the access roads to ski resorts and Geneva’s international airport. The residence is easily accessible by car and is well served by public transport.

    Nestled in a protected park in the heart of Chêne-Bougeries, the project is close to international and local schools, amenities and restaurants. The many bike paths and walks in the vicinity offer a multitude of gentle mobility options.