Refined lines

This new living space with a stylish architecture is designed with high-quality materials and exceptional finishes. Thanks to its Italian travertine facades, large steel arches, stylish wood elements and glass railings, Beauvallon integrates elegantly into its environment.

Inside, spacious rooms with generous heights are extended by large windows with minimalist frames, which overlook the vast gardens and terraces and open up onto the Beauvallon park. Combining architecture and environment, the living spaces create a remarkable harmony between materials, space and nature.

Expertly managed by FM Management, this project is realised by DVK Architects office. Their close collaboration, together with the vision and expertise of architect Brigitte Jucker-Diserens, make Beauvallon a unique project in Geneva. It offers you all the qualities of renowned architectural achievements: high impact aesthetics, high-quality construction and attention to detail.

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A green oasis

Located in the heart of Chêne-Bougeries, Beauvallon is established on an exceptional natural site and enjoys open views. On the banks of the Seymaz, the site contains century-old trees, various plants and a protected flora.

This haven of peace offers a privileged link with nature and provides a feeling of inner well-being. The preservation of this exceptional park and its biodiversity is a key objective of the project. Its integration into the site and a very high energetic performance (THPE) are a result of this.


A historic site

The Beauvallon site is a place steeped in history. La Route du Vallon owes its name to famous estates in the region. In around 1760, it was named by the historian Paul-Henri Mallet because of its geographical location.

Le Vallon was originally a large estate, later divided into Le Grand Vallon and Le Petit Vallon. Le Grand Vallon became the property of the illustrious Candolle family. As for Le Petit Vallon, it has long been a centre of cultural and intellectual life in Geneva.

Located in the heart of this incomparable setting, Beauvallon rests on an elegant site with a great botanical wealth. Peaceful luxury steeped in history, it is the ideal place to enjoy an exceptional quality of life.


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